What's Going On This Week

Welcome; we are glad you are here! Here's whats happening at Trinity Heights United Methodist Church.

For The Week of Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dinner 4 Eight

Join a Trinity Heights tradition and meet some wonderful fellow Christians in the process.  “Dinner 4 Eight” is a group of 8 people (singles or married) that take turns having dinner in each others’ homes!

Here is how it works:  All the people that sign up are split into groups of eight.  One couple or single will be assigned to be the first host.  The host calls the others in the group to set a date for dinner and assign them to bring a side dish, dessert, appetizer, or whatever is appropriate.  The night of the dinner, the host provides the main course and beverages in their home (patio, park, wherever).  The rest of the evening is up to the group!  Some drink coffee and chat for awhile, some play games, some show DVD’s, and some just use their imagination.  The next person on the list is the host for the next month, and so it goes for four months (May - September).

Sign Up Here


Be In Ministry!

We want to encourage our members to be in ministry with one another, and there are two areas we are currently looking to raise and train volunteers for some significant ministry in the year ahead: 

Find out more and/or volunteer by visiting:

Mission Opportunities

May 27 - Beginning at 8 am we will be helping with a work day at El Nathan Retreat Center. There will be a variety of projects including interior/exterior painting, handy man jobs and construction. 

3910 E El Paso Dr, Flagstaff, AZ 86004


A Housing Need - Three international NAU students who have been regularly attending Trinity Heights are seeking housing for the summer, beginning... tomorrow!

If you would be willing to host one or more of them for the summer months, please call our church office so that we can assist them.

Second Saturday Morning Retreat

Saturday June 9th

9-10:30 am, Please Bring Your Own Bible 

Trinity Heights, Room 104

For most of us, our outward journey is fast and furious.  If you want to give your inward journey a gentle nudge, please join us for a short, informal spiritual retreat on the second Saturday of each month.  We will meet in the music room for 90 minutes of spiritual rest and reflection to reset your spiritual life for the month ahead.  This retreat will not be full of teaching, but rather will lead you in reflection and rest for your soul to help your roots sink deep in God, so that your life will bear fruit.  This retreat is for any of us who feel the need to set some space aside to let our souls breathe.