Cultivating Community In A Time of Coronavirus

Following the advice of experts and leadership of our Desert Southwest Conference, Trinity Heights has stopped in-person meetings during this time of pandemic, and will gradually resume operations both when the bishop and leaders of our conference share we can and our leadership determines it is safe to do so. However, this doesn't mean we put a stop to our efforts to cultivate community as we seek to fulfill our mission to help one another grow as deeply committed followers of Jesus Christ, courageously working to change our world.

Below is information that can help you to connect with other members of our Trinity Heights community!

Bookmark this page, as we will update it regularly with new links for our virtual gatherings. Blessings to you all.

21-Day Racial Equity Challenge

21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge 

Have you ever made a successful change in your life? Perhaps you wanted to exercise more, eat less, or change jobs? Think about the time and attention you dedicated to the process. A lot, right? Change is hard. Creating effective social justice habits, particularly those dealing with issues of power, privilege, supremacy and leadership is like any lifestyle change. Setting our intentions and adjusting what we spend our time doing is essential. It’s all about building new habits. Sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. The good news is, there’s an abundance of resources just waiting to empower you to be a more effective player in the quest for equity and justice. We invite you to join the church leadership as we challenge ourselves this January to consider how we can be catalysts for racial equity in our part of the world.  

About the 21-Day Racial Equity Habit Building Challenge 

For 21 days, do one action to further your understanding of power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity. The plan includes suggestions for readings, podcasts, videos, observations, and ways to form and deepen community connections.

While you can certainly begin this challenge by yourself at any time, we find that talking about our finding or our struggles can help to make a path forward more clear. We invite you to be part of a community as we learn and process together.

Consider joining a conversation about what spoke to you, challenged you, or made you exclaim "yes!" Pastor Lynn will lead small group conversation Tuesday evenings at 7:00pm, via zoom.

Link: Zoom password: church

The challenge begins on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 and will continue until Tuesday, January 26. Join us, even if you haven’t done all the readings for the week!

Click to download the materials:

Assignment List

Tracking Document

NOTE: The assignment list has links to each article, video, or podcast as a part of it. Click on the blue text (you might have to Control-click) to have the correct page open for you. Let us know if you have any problems with it!

Groups Meeting Virtually

Soul Centering – Sundays at 10:00am
Click this link to join the (Sunday) Zoom session

Join Rev. Lynn Bartlow and/or other members of our Trinity Heights congregation for a time of "check-in" and casual conversation. We will check in and share about our experiences of virtual worship, connect with one another, and close in prayer.

Click this link to join the (Sunday) Zoom meeting on your laptop or smart device,
or call in on any touch-tone phone by dialing (346) 248–7799 and entering Meeting ID #: 523 755 238

Tuesday Morning Bible Study – Tuesdays at 10:00am
Click this like to join the (Tuesday) Zoom session

Meet with others to look in-depth at the scriptures we will hear about in worship the following Sunday.

Spiritual Gifts Study

Every Christian has been given Spiritual Gifts by God to use for the common good. We have designed a self-study to help you understand Spiritual Gifts and how your Spiritual Gifts can be used in this world. To take part, begin with the first activity below and proceed through each activity in the order listed. If you need any material printed, contact the church office and we will happily print them for you.

1.  Spiritual Gifts Introduction

  1. Read this article (click here) and
  2. watch this video (click here) that gives an overview of the Spiritual Gifts. Note- we have our own inventory, below, so please wait and take it instead of the ones referenced in the article (or take both if you want to!)

2. Spiritual Gifts Inventory for THUMC

  • Fill out this survey (click here) to help determine your Spiritual Gifts. Your results will be compiled and sent back to you in a few days. Yes, there are other inventories. We ask that you take ours, so that we have the same baseline for comparing and for conversation. While you are waiting, you can go on to the next steps!

3. Bible Study
What does the Bible say about Spiritual Gifts? Our study today looks at the four main passages from the New Testament and explores what they say for us today.

  1. Click here to download a Worksheet to complete before watching the video.
  2. Click here for Video Introduction
  3. Click here to download Worksheet Answer Key.

4. Exploring Spiritual Gifts
There are many Spiritual Gifts, but what do they all mean?  Pastor Lynn invites us to ponder the definitions of all the gifts.

  1. Click here for a Video Study.
  2. Visit this website after watching the video above.

5. Spiritual Gifts During a Pandemic
Our third video has the wrong title to keep you on your toes! Today, we ponder what ways we can use our Spiritual Gifts during a pandemic.

  1. Click here for a Video
  2. Visit this website after watching the video above.

6. Spiritual Gifts in the Church
Finally, our last Our final video in our Spiritual Gifts study invites us to ponder how our spiritual gifts can be used in the church. We talk about clusters and what they have to do with our faith life.

Youth Ministries

Our youth group meets via Zoom Sundays at 11:15am for small group study and Sundays at 5:00PM for Youth Group. Contact Kevin Lester for more information and/or for a link to the meetings.

Joining a Virtual Gathering (via Zoom)

What you need to know before joining:

We are utilizing a free to use program called "Zoom." Zoom allows you to connect via a computer, smart phone, tablet, or even just by calling in. The first time you try to join via a device (other than calling), you will be asked to download the application and set up a free user account; you may want to click the meeting link a few minutes in advance as it may take you a few minutes to join the first time.

How to join:

  1. For tablets, smart phones, and/or computers: click the link for the group you want to join. It should take you directly to the group.
  2. If you do not have a computer or smartphone, you may use a traditional dial-in option to join by phone. Simply call the phone # listed at the appropriate time and you will join the group.

Worship and Sunday School Options

As a reminder, our Worship and Sunday School options will be pre-recorded and posted to Youtube on Sunday mornings at 9:30am. Worship is open to all; because of copyright on the materials used, our Sunday School (children and youth ministries!) is in a closed (unsearchable) group.


Click here to go to our Youtube Page for worship

Click here to email Kevin Lester about Sunday School links and materials.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request you would like shared with our pastor and/or prayer team, please compete the form below and it will auto-generate an email to be shared. Thank you and God bless you.

Prayer Request