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What will my donation to THUMC do?

All donations to Trinity Heights United Methodist Church support our mission “to help one another grow as deeply committed disciples of Jesus Christ, courageously working to change our world.”

We accomplish our mission in many ways, from the ministries of our church staff supporting worship, children’s, youth, education, and mission ministries, to international efforts sponsored by The United Methodist Church, a worldwide denomination known for making a difference in Jesus’ name.

We thank you for your support.


2021 Capital Improvements Campaign

As concerned and involved Trinity Heights members, you know we have much to be grateful for here at Trinity Heights. You and your family have celebrated many rites of passage in our worship space. Some have shared in baptisms. Others in the educational experience of the Ark or Bible study. Many have intensely met the presence of God at the altar. Some have professed their love in lifetime commitment or buried a loved one. Trinity Heights has been a gathering place of prayer for more than 50 years and we celebrate that heritage.

Ongoing maintenance for anyone who owns property is a way of life. Our buildings are 50 years old and the attached “Case for Facility Improvements at Trinity Heights” outlines our needs. [LINK]

We need your help to enact these needed projects.

As members of the Capital Campaign and with the enthusiastic approval of the Church Council, Finance Committee and Trustees we would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you our capital campaign to ensure the ongoing maintenance of our Trinity Heights worship space. More info about the Capital Campaign will be sent out in the coming weeks. Please view our videos on YouTube for more information. [LINK]

If you would like to pledge online, please find a pledge card here. [LINK]

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Capital Campaign Committee

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If you have a prayer request you would like shared with our pastor and/or prayer team, please compete the form below and it will auto-generate an email to be shared. Thank you and God bless you.

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