Important Procedures Information for Parents

Please click the links below to view and/or download .pdf documents about these important policies and procedures:

  •  Parent Handbook    (Under revision for 2020 post-quarantine re-opening)
  • "Snow Day" Policy (Click Here for Snow Policy, under revision)
    The link above describes Ark policy regarding operations on days determined as "Snow Day(s)" or "Late Start Day(s)" by the Flagstaff Unified School District.
  • Daily Safety/Security Procedures (Click Here for General Safety Procedures, under revision)
    We take the day-to-day security and safety of the children entrusted to us very seriously. The link above is to a short description of what our daily security procedures entail.
  • "Lock-Down" Procedure (we are working on these procedures with local authorities)
    Some times, local events may trigger a "lock-down" of the Ark, including if nearby schools (MEMS, Puente De Hozo) institute lock-down. The link above is to a description of what happens at the Ark in a lock-down, and what parents can and should do in such an event.
  • Emergency and Evacuation Procedures (Click Here for Fire and Evacuation Procedures, under revision)
    The link above is to an additional document about other general emergency and evacuation procedures.